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  • A Compuload Weighing System Scale for your Skid Steer can save time and money by turning weighing into a one-step operation. The weighing system is built into the Skid Steers hydraulic lift lines. So, you get an accurate weight reading simply by lifting the front bucket to pre set high point then bleeding to the second pre set low point. A Compuload Weighing System Scale for...

  • Compact and light weight total station Graphic LCD display Single side full numeric keyboard Single side internal memory of 10000 records Powerful onboard software Distance accuracy: 3mm +2ppm Distance range: 2000m to single prism Angle accuracy: 5/1.5 mgon Single axis compensator Includes tribrach, heavy duty carry case, battery holder Compact and light weight total...

  • The Spectra DG613G Pipe Laser is an efficient construction tool that features a fully self-leveling grade range of -12% to +40% with around ±10 arc second accuracy. Its cross axis is fully compensated to provide fast set up that the laser will accurately level without adjusting the bottom of the invert.  The Spectra DG613G Pipe Laser is an...

  •  I View Excavator Load Weighing System is a Dynamic Load Weighing System suitable for excavators over 14t. It weighs the load in a bucket of an excavator as the load is being raised. Very little, if any, time is lost in the weighing process meaning it is a very versatile and easy to use system.  I View Excavator Load Weighing...