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  • Optical

    While laser and GNSS technologies have had a major impact on surveying instruments, precision optics are still used for sighting instruments used in optical surveying and in lasers.

    • Auto Levels (often automatic, digital)are common optical surveyinginstruments that use an optical telescope to view a line of sight along a level  plane (sometimes sloped if grade set with digital level).
    • Transits are a basic type of theodolite that projects vertical and horizontal angles by optical sighting.
    • Theodolites measure both horizontal and vertical angles.  Most made today are digital.  When an object is sighted through a telescope, the angle of each axis (vertical, horizontal) is measured or set with precision.
    • Total Stations are fully integrated electro-optical instruments, with models for land and construction surveying, the latter having less features, precision, and greater simplicity.  In basic form it combines an electronic theodolite and an EDM, with integral software. Units may use reflecting targets or may be reflector-less.
  • Lasers

    Laser levels point or rotate to create a reference point, line, or plane, and are used in construction to determine and set the elevation of construction elements. Laser levels facilitate accurate and fast level operations over a wide area. Once set up, leveling work can be performed by one person.

  • Construction Accessories
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