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Laser levels point or rotate to create a reference point, line, or plane, and are used in construction to determine and set the elevation of construction elements. Laser levels facilitate accurate and fast level operations over a wide area. Once set up, leveling work can be performed by one person.

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  • Rotating Lasers

    Every quality tradie needs a quality tool. Rotating Lasers are the tool for precision work. whether its set-outs, level planes, excavations or form work. We have the right tool for you.

  • Setout Lasers

    From general contractors to air conditioning repairs and hanging frames to hanging plants to installing cabinets, levels are commonplace practically everywhere. Traditional levels help ensure that surfaces are flat. But line laser levels take it a step further. While they don't have the traditional bubbles to ensure a flat surface, they can  create a vertical or horizontal virtual chalk line on any surface. This is perfect for layout, design and so many other tasks. From home improvement to complete remodels and construction, line laser levels are useful for myriad tasks.

  • Speciality Lasers
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