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Rotating Lasers

Every quality tradie needs a quality tool. Rotating Lasers are the tool for precision work. whether its set-outs, level planes, excavations or form work. We have the right tool for you.

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  • Laser Levels

    Laser levels are measuring tools that rotate a laser beam to create a level reference plane for surveying ground heights. They are used to survey and set the elevation of earthworks and construction elements on a building site. Self levelling units facilitate accurate and fast levelling operations and can be used over a wide area up to 1.5 kilometers in diameter and once set up, leveling work can be performed by one person. The laser can be used along the horizontal and/or vertical axis for leveling or alignment accordingly.  The price of new laser levels is dictated by power, features and durability. Entry level rotary laser levels (imex tuf, cpi, dewalt) can be purchased for as low as $500, with the higher end units ranging up to $3000.

  • Grade Lasers

    Today’s grade lasers offer an incredible combination of power, accuracy and features, at a much lower cost than before.  As there are many brands and models available, informed buyers are in the best position to select an instrument with the features they need without spending more than necessary.

  • Accessories
  • Laser Receivers

    Laser Receivers (sometimes referred to as laser detectors) receive rotating laser signals at great distances.  They are sometimes hand held, but most often attach to grade rods with sliding brackets.  Laser receivers annunciate distinctly with light, sound and sometimes readable information to indicate when a laser receiver converges on and locates a rotating laser beam.   A rotating laser may be visible for a 30 metres indoors and much shorter distances in daylight, so when used with an appropriate laser receiver the operating radius is extended out to the laser operating range (which, depending on the laser transmitter, can be 150m , 300m, or even up to 700m+). A receiver is generally required for outdoor use and for indoor use when there are very long working distances involved.  Special receivers are required for line generator units (or other non-rotating lasers).  Machine control receivers are addressed separately.

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Rotating Lasers

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