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Grade Lasers

Today’s grade lasers offer an incredible combination of power, accuracy and features, at a much lower cost than before.  As there are many brands and models available, informed buyers are in the best position to select an instrument with the features they need without spending more than necessary.

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  • The AS2 single grade self-levelling laser features 2mm @ 30m accuracy, and single dial in grade accurate to 0.01%. It's a Class 2 laser, made in California and comes with a 3 year warranty. The AS2 single grade self-levelling...

    $ 2,293.50
    In Stock
  • Versatile Automatic Grade Lasers for Level, Grade and Vertical Alignment. The Spectra Precision® GL412 Grade Laser and GL422 Grade Laser are cost-effective, automatic self-leveling lasers that do three jobs—level, grade and vertical alignment with plumb. Both lasers feature a 2-way, full-function remote control so you can make grade changes from anywhere... Versatile Automatic Grade Lasers for...

    $ 4,020.00
  • Capable of tilting on both axes for precise measurement of slopes, the GL622 laser can be used in a wide variety of outdoor grading and excavating. Automatic axes alignments can be accomplished by positioning the laser receiver at the direction hub in a range of ±40° at the desired laser axis. Capable of tilting on both axes for...

    $ 4,440.00
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  • The Spectra Precision GL722 dual grade laser is one of the most advanced grade lasers on the market. The long range operation, advanced radio remote, grade matching, Planelok and Automatic Axis Alignment features mean that you can do quick but highly accurate set-ups for any grade application.  The Spectra Precision GL722 dual...

    $ 10,610.00
  • The automatic, self-leveling Spectra Precision® GL422N dual grade lasers is the most rugged, cost-effective lasers that do three jobs—level, grade, and vertical alignment. Even in harsh jobsite conditions, the GL422N delivers consistently reliable and accurate performance,enabling you to work faster and smarter. The automatic, self-leveling Spectra...

    $ 4,394.50
    Out of stock
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