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These are Rothbucher Systeme’s most versatile markers, and belong in every construction layout professionals tool kit.

Easily attached to a variety of surfaces with epoxy, screws, or bolts, the RS30 and RS40 Smart Targets will become your ‘go to’ control monument for construction. The RS30 markers feature a reflective tape target and precision cross hairs easily read at long distances by most modern instruments, especially reflectorless total stations, and the RS40 markers show simple, high-contrast cross hairs. Both markers have a substantial projection designed as a level or prism rod rest. When you know you’ll be coming back for horizontal or vertical check shots, set a Smart Target—you’ll save money and time on your very next visit!
Rail Monitoring
‘Smart from the Start’ Rothbucher Systeme markers are the best way to take advantage of your investment in high tech survey equipment. Save crew time, keep employees out of danger, get better data, and feel more secure about construction layout: can you afford not to use Rothbucher Systeme markers?

Smart Targets with target reflectors are exclusively recommended for carrying out distance measurements using a total station.

Smart targets with cross hairs, and without target reflectors are available for the use with levelling instruments, theodolites and construction lasers.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 34 items



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